505 Business English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

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On Sundays, the day off from classes, students could choose to go on field trips such as to the Getty Museum or Disneyland, Elliott said. Lawler said that the community of students that formed was a highlight of the program. CSSSA is extremely selective, accepting only one-third of all applicants. Raising a virtual child in "The Sims 4" could be as challenging as raising one in real life and one of these challenges is to ensure that they are doing their homework as well as doing well in school.

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Throughout the community service time my perspective has changed even though it was only 30 hours of community service. My community service place was at PACS, which is a place that sells some used clothes, shoes, and other useful stuff at low prices to homeless people or poor people. My job was to organize all the clothes and clean it up goods and processing. Even though most of their stuff were used, we needed to clean it and only keep the best quality items.

Many people were willing to help others and they were real friendly. Since our customers were mostly homeless people or poor people, I have learned how I can help the homeless people. Honestly, I did not love them, especially those people who wear dirty clothes and people who smell bad. However, while I was serving them, I figured it out that all people are the same.

There are no differences between homeless people and us. However, now I know that I am a blessed person just like others. Also I learned how to be a positive person in every situation. Even those people who are starving, they are always smiling unlike me. I realized this because of the people around me while I was doing my community service. Some volunteers were handicapped people and some of them were elderly people, but they were always smiling and willing to help others every single time.

Whenever I finished my daily community service, I felt I learned something throughout the community service. I knew that the community service would help me to shape my character by promoting responsibility because it requires responsibility, respectfulness and leadership. It can also help me to learn to care about people other than myself. Also, I realized how important it is to work with groups.

It was too much work for myself; many volunteers helped me out whenever I did work by myself.

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This is one of my favorite verses and it explains about how community service can help others. Honestly, I was not interested in community service at all. When I heard that City Christian required 30 hours of community service, I was not happy. However, I realized that I wanted to do my community service and to not think of it as a mandatory requirement. I also learned how a volunteer feels when they serve others. The community service project is different from other school educations. The community service can teach us how to love others and how to fulfill our heart with joy.

I am willing to do other community services that I like to do. It was such a blessing to help others and serve others with love. We should not be proud thinking we are better than poor people. As the Bible verse says, rich people are not better than poor people if they ignore poor people because of their outfit or how they look. Everyone should keep in mind that we are all the same people. Throughout the community service, I realized many things that I mentioned earlier.

Community service is the best way to learn how to love others and how to serve others. Sign In. There are lots of idioms to do with water perhaps reflecting a history of seafaring trade: "big fish in a small pond", "on an even keel", and "going down the pan". Others refer to the characteristics we give certain animals, such as "dog-eat-dog", "cash cow", "fat cats" and "donkey work". Then there are idioms using parts of the body; "cost an arm and a leg", "to be the brains behind something", and "to pay lip service".

505 Business Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

Because these expressions are used so frequently in spoken English, understanding how to use them will help you sound natural as well as well-informed. This ebook contains essential business idioms and phrasal verbs in current use, listed in alphabetical order. They're also indexed into different themes at the end, so you can see others in the same category. Used as a business idiom, it means something that shows changes in market conditions, etc. How much have we lost, exactly?

505 Business English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

If we stay in the market, we risk making a loss, but if we leave, we'll lose our investment. You should get to know him. It would break the bank. Now I hope everyone can stop arguing. I'm only a small cog in the wheel.

He's been with them for years. They cook the books before election time. We need to crack on with the new product lines. Do we buy new premises or extend the lease? It's costing us far too much at the moment. Can we transfer him? I think we should build a new warehouse. What's your discount structure for bulk sales? Unless we find extra funding of 1m, we will go under in six months. It's easy once you know how.

We need to hire people, not lay them off.

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You're talking about the Spanish market rather than the German one, aren't you? Was the strategy a success or not? We'll have to go back to the drawing board.

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  • Let's get back to the hard facts. She always goes the extra mile. Meetings, a conference and the accounts to prepare. We need other revenue streams. Heads will roll. I think she'll get that promotion. We don't have any other choice but to give them the terms they want.

    We have a few cashflow problems. The email I sent out had the wrong launch date in it.