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The author no longer updates this collection. You can import it and add to it yourself. Report error. Alternative translation optional. Asombrarseun filon Aspas Col. Atacador Ataje S. Precious opals. Breaking: getting. Shooting place. Crushing mill. When veins unite or are drawn together. Underground haulage. Ravine : rivulet : torrent. Working upwards. To wash away the top sand. When a lode varies its dip so as to become almost horizontal. Stemmer: tamping bar. Attle : addle : deads. Refuse ores. Very hard yellow stone ; sul- phur-like rock. Aventador J Aviado, a M.

Aviador S. Aviador, a M. Azabache Azador Azoe - Azogueria S.

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Azucar S. Azurita A slide of loose ground contain- ing alluvial gold. Contributing partner. Amalgamating works : amalga- mating process. Common or inferior ores: amalgamating ores. Granular soft white rock. Blue copper. Bajada - Ladder- way. Balanzaparaensayos Assaying balance. Bancos - Underhand stoping : bottom stoping : stopes.

Bancos S. Bancos rectos - Ascending steps. Bancos, trabajo de- Stope : stoping. Barequear S. Barequero S. Barranco S. Barredura S. Barrer el canalon S. Barrer por pena S. Barrer por planes S. To level ground : to grade. To extract the rich ore : to spoil. Extracting the rich ore : spoiling. Native copper disseminated in grains in copper ores : concen- trates.

Heavy spar. A mining share. Gulch : gorge : ravine. A mining shaft. Raking into the sluice : scrap- ing. Gimlet : hand-drill. Jumper : churn-drill : drill-hole. Reamer : auger. To scrape the sluice. To scrape the bottom. To scrape over the pay dirt. Barreta - - Moyle : crow-bar. Barreta S.

Barretero - - Borer: driller. Barretilla - - Jumper. Barreton - Combined pick, drill and lever. Barrilla, see Barilla Concentrates. Barrio M. Batane de piedra Stone plate for grinding. Batea - - Pan. Batea cortadora Bright pan S. Batea lavadora Large pan. Batea vetadora Pan of 1 ft. Bateque L. Deposit formed by veins, in the middle of a ravine or at the foot of a hill. Bateria - Battery. Bauleao S. Mining : winning. Productive ore. Beneficio de me- Ore dressing, tales. Beneficio por amal- Amalgamation process, gamacion.

Beneficio por cianu- Cyanide process, racion. Beneficio por cloru- Chlorination process, racion. Bilaa P. Bilitrones S. Communication between wash- ing troughs. Slimes: pulp. Black Jack. Iron tubbing. Top of the pit, bank : mouth of shaft. Top of the pit, bank : mouth of the pit, shaft or adit : brace. Bolsada de mineral Bonney : bunch : pocket. Bolsadas, mineral Bunchy ore. Borrasca S. Bosado S. Botamiento - Brecha S. Broca - Bronce amarillo S. Bronces S. Brossa M. Bunchy ore. To pump. Rich find : boom. Washing trough. Unproductive mine. Barren rock. Alluvial gold. Dislocation: fault.

Prospecting cut in lode mines : ditch in alluvial mines. Iron pyrites. Pyrites: sulphides. Ore of three parts silver and one part calc spar. Miner's compass. Silver-reducing furnace. Extracting the rich ore ; spoiling. Wheel ore. Trestle of a windlass. Illegitimate miners Mexico : prospectors : searchers. Hade: dip: inclination: slope.

Caballos de pefia S. Cabecera del cana- loii S. Cabecilla S. Cable de extraccion Cabo de pison S. Cabrestante - Cabria - Cacho de bateador S. Caches S. Spoil bank. Fragments of rock : horse. Head of the sluice. Slimes or sand in the washing trough. Beams : transverse girders. Hoisting rope. Mining hoist. A boat-shaped piece of horn used in gold washing. Endless chain. Waterfall : head of water. Mining cage. Bucket : kibble. Calicatas Caliche S. Caliche S. Canal para lavar oro Canales Canalon S. Cancha Cancha R - Candil -. Reservoir Patio process. Small pit or experimental hole, hervida.

Dry bone : calamine. Winze: boiler. A digging or trial pit. Exploratory works. Newly-found lode. Decomposed calcareous quartz. Non-productive ground. Ore-wharf: paddock. Naked light. Capella S. Capellina Caperuza P. Capital no exhibido M. Capitan - - - Capitan de galera Capitana P. Gold deposit. Pockets: bunches. Open cast workings. Oxide of manganese. A ravine, or small canon : a rivulet. Water discharge. Water supply : pipe. A valley, usually precipitous : a gorge. Bed : seam. Basket: skip: large leather sack.

Foreman: captain. Cupelling furnace. Amalgam retort. Uncalled capital.

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Milling foreman. Capote S. Capotera see Mina capotera. Caracas S. Carbon de gaz - Gas coal. Carbon de piedra - Mineral coal. Carbon era - - Colliery. Carga S. Cargada,mina- S A. A mine whose alluvion contains a large amount of stone. Cargadora S. Carlingas S. Carmin S. Cascajo Cascajo S. The first washing trough. Ore containing a large amount of oxide or carbonate of iron. Dump car. Mine already worked but still productive. Rocky ore. Decomposed schist on which pay dirt lies.

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Cement copper. Cata S. Oatacorte S. Cateadores S. Ca tear S. Catear S. Cateos S. Catero L. Cavadura de un Sinking, pozo. Caxo Potosi - Measure of ore containing 5, Ibs. Cazo S. Cebo Ceja, hacer la- S. To pan out. Cendrada S. Cepos Col. Cernir - To screen or separate. Cerro - Cesto, cesta - Cielo - - Stony ground. Cielo abierto, la- Open cut : quarry, bores a- Cielo, escalones de- see Testeros.

Ciguefia Cincel de indio S. Cinta S. Cinteada S. Cispeado M. Clavo S. Clavo M. A - Mining hoist. An Indian miner's tool of stone. Cogedor de muestras Sampler. Cogollos, mineral de- Open ore : cropping. Cohete - - - Blast. Colmillos S. Columna S. Comba - Combo - Compartimento de aire. Compresor de aire Compromise S.

Comun - Concentradora Concentradora de rodelas. Concentrados Conglomerado Conglomerado auri- fero. Tail : lowest part of a- sluice. Chute ; shoot ; run ; rise. To make an incline. To prepare the sluice for wash- ing. Worn protruding rocks. Red ores similar to gossan. Main post : upright of battery frame. Upright supports in adits. Hammer : cobbing hammer. Sledge hammer : maul. Air compressor. Combined capital for a mining venture. Raw, rough ore. Buddie : concentrator. Round huddle. Pudding-stone : conglomerate. Congregacion M. Contrafuerte S.

Part of a lode left intact. Contribucion de Income tax. Cordon minerali- Feeder, zado. Corona S. Coro-Coro S. Corredero - - Former channel of a stream. Cortar el oro - - To separate gold from the foreign matter. Cortar sogas S. To abandon the workings. Corte - - Cut. Creston, mineral de- Open ore. Crestones - - Outcrop : croppings.

Creta - - Chalk. Criadero S. Criba - - Screen : sieve : jig. Criba giratoria - Gyratory screen. Criba rotatoria - Revolving screen : trommel. Cristal de roca Rock crystal. Crucero - - - Counter lode : cross-cut. Crucero de cuarzo - Cross-spur. Cruzada Cross -cut. Cruzadillos - Stockwork. Cruzadores S. Cuadrilla M. Cuadro - Set of timber. Cuadros, labores Pannel work, por- Cuartel S. Cuarteo S. Cuba - - - Trough : vat : skip. Cuchara - Scraper. Cuchara de cacho Separating implement of horn.

Cuelga S. Cuenca - Coal measure. Cnneta - - Heading. Curias con agujas - Plug and feathers. Curias de apeo - Tubbing wedges. Chacra B- - Chamburgo S. Chicadero S. Chicar S. Chileno - Chispa - Chorlo negro L. Chua B. An inheritance of gold. Dyke : dam. Ore breaker. Ores spalled to a uniform size. To bale out water. Monkey shaft : rise. Whirlpool: conduit to washers or water wheel. Chilian mill. A distant metallic particle, as a nugget. Tourmaline crystals. Testing saucer. Mica or talc-schist. Dado Col. Demas S. Demasia Denunciar Denuncio Departamento S.

Derrame de veta S. Derribo - Derrubiante S. Magnetic deviation. To timber: to construct the sides of channels and sluicps. Props : timbers : lagging : sides of channels. To locate. A sub-division of a mining centre where the Mining Committee resides. Fragments of ore scattered over the surface of the country near the lode. Breaking : getting. Falling in : obstruction. A pipe or drain. To drain : to pump : to un water. Drainage of mine: pumping: unwatering.

To clear away the poor sand. Receptacle for the condensed quicksilver resulting from the roasting operation. Desbarrancarse - To crumble : to demolish, S. Descapotar S. Descargar To discharge : to clear. Descogollar S. Desecho - Pulverized refuse : dradge. Desencielar S.

Desentarquinado - Clearing of ores. Desguachar S. Desmonte, trabajo To clear away the capping to por- S. Desmontes S. Desmoronar - - To force down. Desmoronarse - To demolish : to crumble. Desmoronos S. Damage by mining. Despachadores - Clerks. Detonador - Dienteperro S. Removing pillars. To desilverize. Getting out ores. Piece or job worker. To clear away obstacles to drainage. To crumble : to destroy : to demolish. Fulminating cap : detonator. A species of quartz. Dam : weir : coffer-dam : dyke.

Course : direction : strike. Druse : geode. Echada S. Economizador - Economise!. Eje Chili - - Bar of copper. Eje Axle. Emborrascarse - To become barren or im- poverished. Encierro S. Encubado de mam- posteria.

Enganchar,operario para- Enmaderado - Ensanchamiento de la veta. Escala de mina Escalas movedizas- Escalera Escalones Timbering: propping. To amalgamate. Configuration of country which has arrested the flow of water and caused it to deposit auri- ferous alluvion. Stone tubbing.

Timbering: casing. To widen round the lode. Cutting down. Testing ore, trial. Timbering: walling. Wood tubbing. To overload. Espejos S. Espeque S. Estaca S. Estacion Estacion del ultimo piso. Estancia M. Esteatita Esteriles Estovercas - Estrechamento del filon. Deads : rubbish. Slag: cinders. Moyle: crowbar. Schist, Shale. Mining impost. A settlement. Veinstone: barren. Pinching : pinching out. Exhibiciones M. Explorar - To prospect. Explotacion de Mining: winning: working. Extraccion - Hoisting. Extraccion, maqu- Hoisting engine : winding ina de- engine.

Extrio - Hand picking. Faeneros S. Fondo - F. A gold washer. Gold belt. Spent shot : miss-fire. Mineral vein : lode. Blind lode. Fluxes Amalgamating pan. Underground workings. Frisol S. Fronton Fruta de mono S. Frutos, en- S. Smithy: forge. Safety brake. A bright stone. Small oval stone. Face : working face. A shell to contain auriferous sand. Spouting well. Fulminating cap : detonator : fuse. Flux : flux-stone. Copper works.

Lead works. Lead glance : galena. Milling quarter. Gallery : drift : gate. Galeria de avance, Heading. Galeria del lado Drift: drive, del filon. Galeria de rodaje - Gateway.

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Galeria de ventila- Wind-gate : wind-way : air- way, cion. Galeria principal - Principal heading. Galerias y pilares - Pillars and stalls. Galimador L. Gamela S. Ganga - - Gangue: stuff. Geoda - - Geode. Girasoles de fuegos Fire opals. Goison P. Gradeos - Steps: stopes. Gradines - - Steps: stopes.

Gradines invertidos Descending steps. Gradines, labores Stoping. Gradincs reatos - A seen ling steps. Granate Granceo S. Grandes tajos Granzas Grassero S. Grava arcillosa Greda V. Grueso California Lump ore. Long walls : continuous face. Poor ores : small pieces of ore. A slag-heap. Pay dirt. Guaca S. Guaca M. Guaico S. Guanin A mining tunnel. Excavation by natives. Guaracii S. Guardazapa S. Parallel working. Guia S.

Guias - - Guides. Guias para minas - Bickford fuse. Guija S. Guijarros - - Boulder stones. Guijilos - Aggregations of nuggets. Guijos - - Journals of a shaft : gudgeons. Guisa - - Pig-iron. Gurgusco Panama Extracting the rich ore : spoiling. Gurgusear To spoil. Gurgusero Spoiler. Habilitador P. Hacha - - - Axe: hatchet. Haciendado P. Hallazgo - A find. Haspel S. Hechado - Dip of a lode.

Herramientas - Tools. Herreria - Shop. Hervezon S. Hierro colado de Charcoal pig. Hierro magnetico - Loadstone. Hijuclos S. Hilera costeable - Pay streak. Hilo S. Hondonada S. Hondura - - Cavity. Hormigon - - Concrete. Homo de calcina- Calcining furnace, cion. Homo de fundicion Smelting furnace. Homo de refino - Refining furnace. Horno de rever- Reverberatory furnace, bero. Horno de tostar - Roasting furnace. Hoya de carbon - Coal basin. Hucica Panama - High-lying alluvial deposits. Huevo S. Huevo de pajarito Small oval stone. Hulla - Mineral coal. Hulla grasa - - Caking coal.

Hulla magra - - Non-caking coal. Hulla seca - - Non- caking coal. Hullera - Colliery. Hullero, operario - Collier. Humores L. Ir a pena S. Jtabirite S. Hade : dip : inclination : slope. Infiltration : leakage. Combined mill and water-wheel. The greatest sale value of gold. To touch bottom. Micaceous iron ore. Jabalcones - J. Jaboncilla S. Steatite : kind ot greenish soft talc. Jabones S. Jaguas S.

Jaguas de recorte First tailings. Janiuracion S. Jamuradero see Chicadero. Jamurar - To extract water from a pit. Jamureo S. Jornal - - Daily product per hand. Juagada S. Juamblanco S. Jumos S. Laberinto S,A. Labores - Working place : stall.