Neighborhood Watch: Erotic Tales of Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

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A Gift for Grampa. Our First Great Threesome. My Most Cum-Filled Night. Joy tries a new job. The Chateau. Julianna Part 3. Mr Jackson wants to play with busty Susie! My Wife and I. Webmeets Diary : Chapter This same scenario took place a couple of times a week for the next couple of weeks. She would come out, read for a few minutes then slowly undress and spread her tanning oil over her body.

She would linger on her breasts and even took to pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers as she rubbed the oil in. I began to believe she was giving me a little show and it was a show I was enjoying very much. As I watched her massage her glistening body I would stroke off in my office, wanting more and more to get my hands, and tongue on her body. A couple of weeks went by like this and then we ran into each other out in the front yard.

Seems our neighbors had wanted to invite us over for burgers and beer the following weekend. It sounded great to me although I was wondering to myself if I was going to be able to contain myself. It was a wonderfully sunny Saturday afternoon when we finally got together.

We were all in swimming attire and Erica had even bought a new bikini for the occasion. At least it was one I had not yet seen. My wife Gina, who by the way is very nice on the eyes at 5' 8" and pounds, a nice shape with gorgeous long legs, was looking very nice in her one-piece suite. Nice enough that I believe I caught Tom checking her out on more than one occasion, or was that just my guilt? At any rate, the afternoon proceeding nicely as we got acquainted and relaxed a bit.

I was very proud of the way in which I was diverting my attentions from my delightful sun nymph. While out by the pool I was shocked to notice the view my neighbor had from her pool side seat. I had intentionally left the blinds open the way they were when I watched her sunning. She could clearly see me seated facing away from my desk and looking out towards her pool.

Fortunately she did not have the vantage point to see what I was doing as I watched! I probably turned a bit red at the thought and when I looked over across the pool, there stood Erica eyeing me sheepishly then she winked and smiled. Damn I had been busted but she seemed to enjoy the little game we were playing. After that the visit was uneventful until the end of the evening.

We were all in the kitchen straightening up and Erica passed behind me. As she did she brushed her breasts against my back while holding onto my arm. It could have been innocent enough but I didn't think so and was soon to find out it was just a hint. The following Wednesday I finished up work early and got home just after lunch.

I wasn't really thinking about it but was pleasantly surprised to see Erica out in her backyard when I went upstairs to turn on the computer. She was working around her pool as usual bouncing around in her little tank top.

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Knowing now that she could see me up here made it a little game to see how long it would take her to notice me watching. She looked to be very busy even having to wipe the sweat from her brow a time or two and it didn't look as though she even looked up at me. I was very disappointed when after about twenty minutes of toil she went inside. I turned my attentions back to my computer and kept myself busy half an hour or so.

I looked back out the window just in hopes that she would be out and sure enough there she was kicked back in her chair. Erica must have come right back out because I had missed her removing her top and shorts. She was already glistening from her tanning oil and her hand was dipped down into her panties. My cock was quickly responding because I was sure she knew I could see her. I was just about to pull my buddy from my pants when she looked up to my window, smiled and got up and went inside.

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Damn, she is going to start playing a little teasing game. I don't think I could have been more disappointed maybe even a little pissed, but well, there I sat in my office getting sexy shows from my nice looking neighbor. I should be considering myself lucky. I turned back to my work just a bit unsatisfied.

It wasn't another twenty minutes later and my doorbell was ringing. I was more than surprised to see Erica there in one of her sexy tanks and a pair of silk jogging shorts. She acted as though she had just returned from grocery shopping instead of from playing with her self in the backyard.

We said hey and she explained that she was having some computer problems. Because she remembered from the get together the other weekend that I worked with computers she asked if I thought I could help her out if I wasn't too busy. I told her I would be happy to help her out and followed her over. Their computer was in a spare room turned into an office with a nice big computer desk, a day bed under the window, a coffee table and a huge overstuffed chair.

I made myself comfortable at the computer and Erica pulled the big chair over to where she could watch what I was doing to her machine. Watching her fine ass wiggle about in her jogging shorts as she pulled the chair, which was bigger than she was, about made my cock stand at attention. I could not help but think how nice it would be to please this woman who I had been watching for four months now. As difficult as it was to focus my attentions I did find the problem with her computer and corrected it pretty quickly.

While it was rebooting I pushed the desk chair back from the computer to visit and Erica immediately tossed off her sandals and set her feet on my right leg. I instinctively took a foot in my hands and began to massage the most adorable little feet with cute light pink nail polish on her toes. She surprised me by lightly closing her eyes and letting out the most wonderfully sexy moan. We had just been making small talk about computers but when she opened her eyes she looked straight at me and said, "You know I can see you watching me tan out by the pool don't you?

I told her I thought she could and wasn't that the idea? She moaned again and smiled as I continued with the massage. In fact, I usually get so horny I come inside and bring myself off. She surprised me again by pulling her tank top off while asking, "You have been wanting to get a close look at these too I bet? She was very proud of her perfectly matching breasts. Their nice fullness tipped by delicious looking tight nipples were telling of her state of arousal. This really was exciting her. As I nodded yes, I pulled the foot I had been rubbing up to my lips and placed small kisses on her toes from little to big.

Once I got to the big toe I let my tongue slip around it and was amazed at her reaction. I thought she was melting into the big chair as she moaned and massaged her own breasts. Spreading her toes with my fingers I sucked each toe into my mouth and played them with my tongue.

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Her hand left her breasts and slipped under the waistband of her jogging shorts. I could see her hand heading straight for what I was sure by now to be a very wet little chonch. She looked up at me, smiled and asked, "Please don't stop. Her fingers were working wonders in her shorts and I began to smell the wonderful musky scent of her arousal. I wanted so much to taste her sweetness.

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Her one hand was alternating between breasts; cupping them, caressing A show I was certain was mostly for my benefit. I continued to suck and lick on her toes wanting so much to be sucking on her clitoris. I sat the one foot down on my leg and picked up the other. She responded by pulling the desk chair a little closer to her and spreading her legs in a very relaxed manner. I could now see up the leg of her shorts and was treated to slight glimpses of a nicely trimmed muff. Her fingers moving over and over, in and out I could hear her juices getting mixed by her efforts.

As I sucked on her toes only stopping to lick the bottoms of her feet from time to time she really began to get into her masturbation. She was rocking in the overstuffed chair virtually fucking her hand, nearer and nearer to orgasm, her breasts rolling up and down in slow rhythm with her fingers. Now and again she looked up and through her dreamy eyes we made contact and she shyly smiled as her breathing became more labored.

As she neared her climax she shifted her free foot and found my hard cock straining at my shorts. When she realized how aroused I was, how stiff my rod had become watching her play while sucking on her toes, she was sent over the edge, squeezing her legs together and moaning deeply she came and came.

Absolutely awesome it was to witness her orgasm. She brought her hand up from beneath her shorts and offered her fingers for my appraisal. Setting her feet down on my lap I took her hand and tasted her sweetness and oh my god I wanted so much more as I sucked her fingers into my mouth. Once she recovered a bit she looked up, smiled that wry smile again and said, "Mmmmm Erica pulled herself up in the chair and asked me to stand and pull off my T-shirt.

As I stood, her hands went immediately to the button on my shorts, let it loose and unzipped my fly. She pulled my shorts down just past my knees where they fell the rest of the way to the floor.