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This word's stressed on the last syllable. He has a good accent. I don't know anything about that. Bring up a chair for me, please. He approached the door. Whoever guesses the number wins. He couldn't find the house. He hit the bull's-eye. These oranges are very sour. That suit you bought's a good choice. He was elected by acclamation. This matter must be clarified. It seems to be clearing up. It's a well-to-do family. Put the suitcases carefully on the rack. She adapts herself to circumstances. Make yourselves comfortable, for we have plenty of time. They agreed to it unanimously.

Do you remember this? Would you please shorten the jacket. It's time to put the children to bed. He became sick and they laid him on a bench. He goes to bed early but it takes him a long time to get to sleep. He was lying on the couch. He's an accredited representative of the French government. He's a doctor of good reputation.

It's a solvent firm. His creditors are after him. There's been a lot of activity around the office this morning. In addition to his regular job, he has a lot of other activities. It was an act of courage. The ceremony took place in the afternoon. The third act is about to begin. He did it right away. Present circumstances are unfavorable. Nowadays coffee is scarce. At the present time he's in Chicago. They rushed to his aid. He didn't keep his appointment. They came to an agreement.

We're of the same opinion. I did it according to your instructions. They accused him of manslaughter. We acknowledge receipt of your letter. You have to pay in advance in that hotel. This boy surpasses the rest of the class. They went ahead of all the others. They were doing eighty kilometers and they passed us. Your watch gains time.

Put your watch ahead; it's slow. My watch is five minutes fast. His Spanish is improving little by little. I wanted to invite you, but your friend beat me to it. Go ahead. From now on we'll do it this way. You'll understand it later on. Farther on we came upon a house. Come in! This house has all the latest improvements. I don't want to go, and besides it's too late.

Besides fruit we're going to have ice cream. I'm going inside. I'll bet you can't guess what happened to me today. I'm amazed at his nerve. He admired his friend's work. They were amazed at his courage. He was admitted to the engineering school. Tips not accepted. He doesn't allow interruptions. You can't go where I'm going. Where are you going? They adopted a little girl. They've adopted a new plan.

He assumed an air of great importance. The room's nicely fixed up for the party. The dress was trimmed with lace. They paid customs duties. I noticed some mistakes in his report. I'm warning you not to do it again. I told you so. He has regard for all his office companions. I'm a great baseball fan. This is an amateur company. He's very fond of reading. He's become fond of sports.

He's one of my in-laws. The loss of their mother grieved them very much. They grieved over their friend's misfortune. Loosen the bandage a little.

El destino aguarda

Don't slacken in your work in war time. The storm let up. Let's go out. They live in the suburbs. Get out! Bend down; the ceiling's very low. Hold the rope tight. I caught an awful cold. She caught hold of my arm so she wouldn't fall. He's agent for a big insurance company. The company's sent several representatives to discuss the matter. Ask the policeman where St. James Square is. He's quick in his movements. She has a very quick mind. Shake well before using. The politician stirred up the workers.

When she heard it she got very excited. They ran through the inheritance. He's wearing himself out working so much. The edition went out of print quickly. The provisions gave out in a short time. I appreciate your kindness. I thanked him very much for his help. They're going to enlarge their store. This makes the situation worse. The patient got worse. We saw the military attache of the American Embassy. You have to add more details to the report. He wants a glass of cold water.

We're having a rainy spell. You're right, that's as clear as crystal. Man overboard! Last night's storm washed out the road. You have butterfingers. Don't be a wet blanket. It's amazing how much he can stand. This is unbearable. Hang on tight! You have to take it. We expect him tomorrow at ten o'clock.

I've been waiting for you for hours. The knife had a very sharp point.

He's a very clever boy. She has a very high-pitched voice. He's always making such witty remarks! The two streets form an acute angle. What would you like after dinner — coffee, tea, or mint water? Do you have a needle to sew on these buttons? One of the hands has fallen off my watch. The train's passed the switch. Sharpen the end of the stick a little. He pricked up his ears. There's your friend. What have you got there in your pocket? That way, please. Your hat's somewhere around here. Hello there, what's new? He tried to choke him. Many animals were drowned in the flood.

This room's so small and hot that I'm suffocating. I'm going home now. Now, what do you think? Now then, let's get this problem cleared up. Do it right away. He just left. We'll do it this way from now on. Up to now we've never had this problem. We have enough food for the present. They hanged him the same day. We're going to see him right now. How much have we saved this month?

The air in this room's very stuffy. There's a very strong wind blowing. He looks like a millionaire.

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He looked very tired. We spent three hours in the open air. Se da aires de persona importante. He puts on airs. Don't meddle in other people's affairs. He started swearing. You have to tighten those screws. This cover doesn't fit. They met to decide peace terms. Let's settle accounts. He lifted the trunk to show off his strength. The sleeves of this coat have to be lengthened. Would you hand me the suitcase, please? The children are making a lot of noise. He's always short of money.

They caught up with us quickly. I can't reach that can of tomatoes. He reached the rank of general. From here I can't see it. The flowers will brighten up the table. I'm very glad to see you. Why are you so happy today? They're very cheerful people. What a bright-colored suit that is! He's a little tipsy. He showed great joy when he saw him. He was ill, but today he's all right. She needs a little cheering up.

Encourage him to do it. Have you something to tell me? It seems rather expensive to me. Have you got some money? You must have a reason for telling me. I don't know whether this'll be of any use to you. Somebody's knocking at the door. Has anybody come? I hope you'll come again some day. I want to ask you some questions.

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Do you want to ask me any questions? Do you need anything else? He visits us now and then. Some people have no patience. He was out of breath when he got here.

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Es una persona de muchos alientos. He's a very energetic person. We have to lighten the load. Hurry up, it's late. This food's not nourishing enough. He enlisted in the Foreign Legion. We'd better get ready early because the train won't wait. There it is! He's up there waiting for you.

Your friends are in there. Let's go that way. The village is beyond those trees. I saw 'em over there a while ago. Put it over there. His house is there on the right. She lives far from there. From there one could see perfectly. He says we should go that way. It's a town of people. My dear child! Lo siento en el alma. I'm terribly sorry. Lo voy a consultar con la almohada. I'm going to sleep on it i. They rented a house. Rooms for rent. They were sitting around the table. It cost about thirty pesos. We have to make some changes in our plans.

He showed signs of great emotion. There were disorders all over the country. His coming changed our lives completely. Don't get excited; it's nothing. What's that very tall building? He talked to a high official of the Treasury Department. Prices are very high in this store. Don't talk so loud. He returned very late at night. They live in the upper story of that house. The house is on top of the hill. We've overlooked many important facts. We stopped along the way to have lunch. The soldiers halted at the entrance to the town.

I don't feel well at such a high altitude. The lighting's poor in this part of the city. The street lamps don't give enough light. Can you light the way? He didn't raise his eyes from the book. They revolted against the government. He stole the money. In the summer it dawns earlier than in the winter. That guy's very embittered.

A/CONF.171/13/Add.1: Informe de la CIPD, Adicion (94/10/18)

He makes life miserable for everyone around him. He couldn't stand the bitterness of the coffee. His misfortunes caused him great bitterness. They soon became friends. He made friends with John. He got acquainted there in a short time. We talked with the owner of the house. Don't tell the boss. He likes to talk of love. He's found a new love. Yes, darling. He has too much pride. He was peeved by what you said.

I want an enlargement of this photograph. They furnished the house very luxuriously. Do you think the road's wide enough for cars? This suit's too big for me. What's the width of the material? We took a long hike up to the summit. You're a great gadabout, my boy. It's too far to walk.

The train began to move. Is that clock going? I've been chasing around all day. He didn't win the prize, but he came close to it. The child's going on seven. Move on! Go on! The jockey fell right by the rail. The liveliness of the gathering surprised me. Don't be a jackass! Let's encourage the players. His arrival pepped up the party. I'm urging him to come with us.

He was in good spirits. She cheered him up because he was depressed. It gets dark at five now. I'm anxious to meet her. The year before last we went to Europe. I told you that before. This street used to have another name. Let's eat before we go. They left before we arrived.

Above all, don't forget to write me. He lent me 30 pesos. They advanced the date of the party. They arrived half an hour early. He got ahead of me. She likes to dress in an old-fashioned way. She does whatever comes into her mind. Lo hago porque se me antoja. I do it because I take a notion to. Happy New Year. I'm twenty years old. Put out the light. The lights went out. He was surprised by the sudden appearance of his friend.

That's a separate question. Put this package aside. Don't get off while the vehicle's in motion. They were grieved by the illness of their aunt. We were worried because we weren't getting any news. He can hardly walk. Let me know as soon as he comes. He got very depressed after his failure. They crushed all resistance.

They flattened his nose. They flattened themselves against the wall. He's very studious. They put a coat of paint on the chair. How much do you bet? I bet I get there before you. Rest your foot on that step. No one supported his motion. Javascript is not enabled in your browser.

Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. NOOK Book. Eso, si consigue superar el Cambio; y no todos los marcados lo logran. Es un rollo comenzar una nueva vida, en especial lejos de sus amigos. La diosa vampira Nyx la ha elegido como alguien especial. Con algo de ayuda de sus nuevos amigos vampiros. Al principio. De nuevo. Solo quedaba esa esperanza. Pero en realidad eso no importa. Tu novio El caso es que estaba contento. Por no hablar del hecho de que se va a poner gordo con tanta cerveza.

K, con su parloteo, ni se dio cuenta. No es algo que una quiera ver. Ni siquiera pudo Entonces lo vi. El tipo muerto. Era un no muerto. O un no humano. Lo que fuera. Era un vampyro. Era algo peor, un rastreador. La Noche os llama, escuchad su dulce llamada. Notaba una punzada, como si me hubiera pic-ado una avispa y el dolor se iba extendiendo alrededor de los ojos y bajaba hasta mis mejillas. Ese tipo era un rastreador. Deja de llorar. Ya sabes que odio que llores. We will keep lighting the lights of others with the gift of Amway which you have given us.

A great man whose company produces great products that are effective and help many others. Tan , Singapore, Singapore October 2, Rich was not only co-founder of Amway but he became a personal mentor to us, even he did not know. He was a great family man and business entrepreneur who knew the definition of hard work. His business changed my perspective on politics, of being a better American, and many of the Christian speakers and leaders inspired my close walk with Jesus.

May God truly say "Well done good and faithful servant". My love and hugs to all who are close to him. One meaningful purpose is Rich ability to have shared with so many is the Amway opportunity. Thank you for leading a cause that truly helps others in their business operate with integrity and a sense of purpose!

Our condolences to the de Vos family. I had the big honor, to meet Rich twice, so grateful, for this very special and life changing moments! You made a huge difference in our lifes, thanks a lot, you always will have a special place in our heart Sonia Sagmeister with family Sonia Sagmeister , Austria October 1, My condolences to the DeVos family, may his soul rest in eternal peace. His legacy continue to feed hungry souls ,while improving quality of living and lives.

I shall always remember you as you give hope to so many people in the world and leave A Great Legacy Behind. I remember meeting this remarkable man. What sticks out to me is when I told him I was a kidney transplant recipient and he stated that he was also a transplant recipient but it was the heart of a women. Personally, I think he had the heart of God. I will never forget his presence. It was both warming and so gracious. When I left him and his lovely wife, Helen, I knew that I had been in the presence of a great man and women, servants of God.

I will never forget you. Rich De Vos was truly a great man who made our world a better place in which to live. He did a fantastic job of building the Amway business, which helped so many people better themselves. I am sure he did many other things to help people of which I am not even aware. My wife and I offer our greatest sympathy to the family.

We want you to know from our hearts we are really sorry that such a man has to pass away. Rich DeVos was an exceptional man. His vision and kindness inspired and impacted the world in more ways than we may ever know. No matter your walk in life, he always saw your potential and treated you with respect and love.

He expected great things out of mankind and was able to kindle that fire in others. We lost a very bright light on this earth with his passing. My heart goes out to his family. My prayers are with all of you. Rich, you are missed, but not forgotten! You inspired me to get out of my introverted self. Those early 's days as a new Amway distributor gave me encouragement to go after my dreams. Seems I could not crack past a PV in the Amway business, however, I will always remember your "Four Winds" talk, it gave me the lift I needed to go out on a limb and venture into business myself.

Have used that encouragement to help start and operate a successful trucking business for eighteen years now. That has given our family and six other families a very comfortable living. Duane , Anoka, MN October 1, What an incredible man who chose to live an amazing life. He has been one of the most positive influences and examples to millions of folks worldwide. I am honored that I got to shake his hand and hear him speak on a number of occasions!

One of a kind Rich DeVos, you will be missed, but you left an awesome legacy! Rich, Your life is an example for me to follow the principles that you lived by. Learning about you by reading your books,and watching your small clips that I go back frequently, made a huge influence on my outlook on life , treating people and about free enterprise. You are a legend and your legacy will carry on through thousands and millions of people all around the world, spread your core fundamental values Family, freedom, hope and reward. And we will commit to live by your 10 simple phrases.

You will live in our hearts and minds forever and many generations to follow. Non ci sono parole per esprimere la nostra gratitudine ed ammirazione per Papa Rich. Una persona splendida, con un cuore enorme, un Angelo. Grazie, grazie infinite. Riposa in pace, in compagnia di Jay e di Jim Dornan.

Per sempre grato. Ti vogliamo bene. I want to send my deepest condolences to Rich's Friends and family and im sure i speak for many if not all who are a part of this great Amway opportunity that he was a legend and will be truly missed. Having started building my Amway business just 4 short years ago as part of the BWW Mentorship team it was always a goal and a dream to meet the founders of this great company.

Both Rich and Helen we beautiful people and Rich was dearly loved with in the Amway family. Dear Family, I am grateful for the life of Rich DeVos, his positive attitude, family values, vision and sharing and caring. Amway provided me with a new attitude, new skills, opportunity to do for myself and share with others, new ideas, and great products, fun, opportunities to meet, hear great women and men and much, much more that added value to my life!

Thank you Rich, for the opportunities you provide for me, my friends and associates and family. You will be missed but not forgotten! Blessings to all the family, friends and business associates. Love to you all. Susan Shorter , Chicago, Il September 27, Never met him, but in a world where we hardly can find people that fight for them selves fighting for others behalf i think i can say Rich DeVos is one of those few people out there. He now found the his last place for eternity, but this one he has found long time ago, teaching all around the world his beliefs. Amway world and not only will be leaving in his standards and values.

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Thank you Rich DeVos. My best regards to all family! Forever grateful. Your dream , Vision and pasion change our life. Rich Devos is alive in our heart, a man that sharing the freedom wills to the world. You had touched millions hearts and transformed million families to the best they can be through your Amway Business Wings of Love in human kind. We will miss you dearly. Please live in peace in heaven with Amway Idea! Rich de Vos leaves a significant and very inspiring legacy. What a tremendous blessing to all of us.

Grateful for it. Rich de Vos. Thank you so much for your inspiration and for giving us this amazing way to change our lives. September 27, It is a great honor to be a part of this beautiful family. Thank you so much Mr. De Vos. I remember his words when I met him in Office visits on Christmas eve while working in Amway between to , reading Bible for his employee every year since he started the Amway.

I was astonished by his words as Success is a process and how he take employees as his family members. May the God be with Amway Family. Remembering Family, Friend, Hope, Reward. Forever greatful, dear Rich DeVos. A great man, an inspiration to us all! Rest in peace.

He came in, unscheduled and totally unexpedted and addressed the group of us - about 30 in all. I was amazed that he interrupted his day to speak with us! Casually dressed, and with no assistants or minders, he spoke about the importance of leadership, commitment, and perseverance. Afterward, he headed out to his office and I couldn't resist the impulse to go and thank him. I called out to him as he walked down the hall. He stopped and spoke with me for several minutes. When I thanked him for starting the company and giving me and others a chance to make more of our lives, he said -"No, Thank YOU, for taking advantage of the opportunity".

He was a great man and will be sorely missed. Greg Durden , Novi, Michigan September 24, Thank you My absolute best friend came from the sharing of this business opportunity in Since she probably greeted you at heavens gate, I can confidently say it was more than just a business to our family, it was a "come to Jesus" saved us for eternity. Prayers of peace and comfort to your family. May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding be with you through this time.

Thank you for saving me for eternity. We love you so much Rich. You have a place in our heart. My husband Wade and I begam our business in I still am in the business. Rich will be missed. Thank you for starting Amway and giving us a chance for a better life. Helen Fenton. Romaine and I just want to say thank you for this forum where we are able to achieve our dreams and goals.

We know that God is their with your family and friends, helping them with healing. Migela and Romaine Jackson , kingston, Jamaica September 24, A special thank you for giving us this great opportunity to achieve. Also, for all that you have done and for all that you have given to many. One man can make a difference. I know that the legacy will continue within your family. But, most of all, thank you for moving forward and never giving up. I wonder what you, Jay, and Jim Dornan are talking about right now? P dear Mr. Much has vendiciones dondequiera que este ha dejado una maravillosa oportunidad para todos Ha dejado un gran futuro para Muchas familias Amen Folrida , Winter haven , United States September 24, When I arrived in the USA from Barbados many years ago, I brought with me a desire to help people and to become a better person.

Amway provided me the opportunity to help and to develop. I am eternally grateful to Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel for creating for me the Amway opportunity which has given me an avenue through which to fulfill my most basic desires. Thank-u Rich for starting the Amway business! Thank you very very much! Heike Arnold September 21, Richard DeVos, thank you for investing in the lives of so many people and affording them opportunities that they never thought were possible on their own.

It is said You will always be remembered and always missed. We are truly sorry to hear the loss of Rich DeVos. With his great vision and years of devotion to his business, he inspired us through out the years of building our Amway business in Turkey. We will continue his vision with great honor and respect. Aloha Rich, I am so amazed and grateful that you got out of your comfort zone, thought outside of the box, went thru hurdles and trenches to build a legacy that will eternity be never forgotten.

I want to give you my deepest gratitude for creating a future for yourself, family and worldwide and paving the way to help people. You inspire me. I love being in partner with Worldwide Dream Builders and for choosing Amway to be part of our distribution company. P Rich. You completed your dash to the fullest.

Love you. Thank you to your family and the Creator for 'sharing' you with us. Your inspiration and gifts of hope and good vitamins!! My wife Teresa and I were first introduced to the Amway Business Opportunity from our neighbors back in We loved the products and we will never forget the training, the inspiration we got from Amway. Amway has helped both my wife and I in our life not only with the Business but also in our daily lives of just being better people.

Rich was a man who put God First, his family second the Distributors who helped him build Amway to what it is today third. May God be with all the family as they celebrate is life on earth. Thank you very much!!! Uncle Rich for living very Great life in many ways. Thank you for setting the right example for us. In my opinion you have lived the one of greatest life of the this century! May your soul rest in peace and our prayers are with the entire family.

Love ya! You are a simply the Rich. Your You can do it attitude is unbelievable. We truly missed you. But your next generation of leaders are following your foot prints. You truly changed millions of lives for better. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. RIP Rich. Gracias por sembrar en nuestros corazones estos 4 pilares,Familia,esperanza,libertad y recompensa.

Y descanse en paz. Le amamos sin conocerle personalmente. Carmen , Bakersfield , California September 21, Varvara , Kiev, Ukrein September 21, Dear friends,we present our deep condolences with the death of the Great Man. Natalie and her team. Our lives were completely changed and blessed because of Rich DeVos.

Like millions of people who are fortunate to have our own Amway business We are forever grateful to Rich and Jay. What a true American hero in every sense. May God bless his family and our Amway family as well as we mourn yet celebrate Rich. Anna Guru , Singapore September 20, September has brought us some terrible news. Our benefactor and mentor, who hugely shaped our lives in many indirect ways, has passed away. Rich DeVos was impressive, smart and grounded. A legacy is etched in the minds of others and the stories they share about you. Amway Corp, it's Founder's and succeeding leadership has inspired and enlightened us.

We couldn't be more grateful for the experiences we have had and the outstanding quality products we have enjoyed. We have the utmost respect for the DeVos and Van Andel families and know they are comforted by their faith, family, friends and business associates during this time. God Bless and keep you all. To the family of Rich DeVos, Rich was a larger than life man who impacted literally millions around the world.

To you he was family. To us, because of his and Jay's vision so many years ago, we have been made better people who can also impact the world in meaningful ways. We will continue to carry on his vision and his dream. We are grateful for the privilege of the opportunity to meet Rich in San Francisco in the early 90's. What a dear man in person he was! He will forever be in the hearts of all whose lives he has touched. May God comfort your family now and in the future. Gracias por tu gran legado y por llevar la esperanza a los mas humildes hogares de todo el mundo, por darnos la esperanza de poder tener una mejor vida en todos los aspectos.

Dios les tenga en un lugar especial llenando de paz su descanso eterno. Dear Rich, I can only imagine your peace and joy up there on your currently life, totally full of values you teched us and you encouraged us to live. Please continue to assist us from above, shining your example and your will to trust in a better life for everybody, anywhere, always. Many many thanks great man, human being is honoured to have persons like you. God bless you, my friend. A wonderfully clever and caring man. People worldwide thank you for the opportunity to improve their lives on many levels. His example of family man, business man and world statesman will be remembered.

A legacy for us all. Thank you Rich, and God bless. How about You doing what he did? A family man respected by his wife,children,his in Laws. As a republican he , respected the other party and its Candidates. Jay Van Andel. As a Native of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago my early years up to age 42 was to say the least bitter sweet with more bitter than sweet! Having observed and read bout the lives of quite a number of -people has earned me the right to conclude that Mr.

DeVos has lived a life which stands as a "Bright pulsating Star in the Dark Universe of human life in his time. Was he a Perfect man? All shall easily agree that he shall be if he has a say in the matter the first and the most vocal to proclaim from the rooftops to the gutters that he was an imperfect human being prone to error as we all are! Rich will live on in our memories forever! Rich made an enormous impact with me personally and professionally and I thank him from the bottom of my heart. He also made a big impact with my family by encouraging us all to develop passion, drive for life and do it first class.

I am grateful to be apart of the amazing Amway legacy of "Helping people live better lives".

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I'm honored to have known Rich and experience him walking around the offices just to say hello , employee picnics, and sharing the Christmas stories at the employee meetings. Always inspiring us all to strive higher with our faith, values, ethics, integrity and innovation. Sincere condolences to the family. Jackie C. Thank you Rich I hope my life as a 'life enricher' has passed along some part of what you believed. I have been raised in the Amway business because my parents are Amway distributors since I loved Rich DeVos since day one I have met him. He was so kind and respectful.

One day, I was with him in a big meeting and we were talking together, no one arround seems more important to him than me. Never he was looking at others during all the time he was talking to me. Wow, I will remember that day all my life. We had an extraordinary eye to eye contact DeVos, we will meet again in paradise, one day DeVos for your dedicated life of excellence! The world will surely miss you. God continue to Bless your family. Thank You Sir. Because of you, we are free from slavery. Thank you and forever grateful. From Accra to Seattle to Canada.

Thanks for passing the baton to the next generation. Bernard Anamoah , Alberta, Canada September 19, Gracias Rich por creer en ti y en todos aquellos a los que les has proporcionado una manera de que sus vidas sean mucho mejores. Que Dios te bendiga a ti y a los tuyos. Ora vi siete ritrovati nuovamente a sognare insieme Rich e Jay. We feel so blessed that we joined the Amway Business in Even though we are not financially rich, we feel we are very rich in the fact that Rich DeVos influenced our thinking and our lifestyle.

We learned some wonderful life changing concepts that can be used in all parts of our lives. We were so blessed to get to go to his seminars in So. California in the 's and hear his wonderful words of wisdom and strength. Thank you Rich for sharing so much with us. We are still in the business but we buy wholesale. May God continue to use Amway to help many learn how to live intentionally. DeVos was an amazing boss, mentor, friend, comedian and faithful follower of Christ. He always put others before himself. I thank God for all the wonderful years that I was blessed to work for him.

It has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. DeVos will be deeply missed, loved and forever in our hearts. Thank you to Rich DeVos, Jay Van Andel, and their families for creating an opportunity for so many people in so many countries to take advantage of free enterprise. Because of Rich and Jay's vision I am able to work towards changing my family tree and building my own vision.

Thank you so much Rich Devos for all that you served in your lifetime. May you rest in peace with our Lord. Also, sending many prayers to the family and all who are grieving the loss of such an amazing man! Rich has given hope to so many people, his generosity of spirt, his deep and vibrant faith in His loving heavenly Father, his love for his family and community demonstrated to so many the love he had received from His Heavenly Father.

Rich like King David recognised that every thing he had come from God and he was only giving back that which is His own 1 Chron We thank God for his life and the legacy he has left. Que en paz descanse, siempre en el recuerdo. Rich De Vos, for the great Amway business you have created. We will always admire you as an Ambassador of Freedom and the American Dream. Your philosophy is very special and precious for us.

This business has the power to change lives of the people around the world. My late husband and I began our Amway business in and had the privilege of meeting Rich as part of a small group in I stood in line for the ladies room behind Helen at one convention and struck up a very ordinary conversation with her, finding her to be a gracious, down-to-earth person. We enjoyed our Amway years and still feel inspired by Rich's words. Thank you for setting up Amway Business.

I will enrich a lot of people. Thank you very much. I pray for your souls. This has enRICHed our lives. We will continue to share your vision. Rich DeVos not only impacted our lives but transformed our thinking, vision and purpose. He led by example and encouraged us to strive for excellence, to respond to a greater calling to enable and lead others in the pursuit of their dreams.

Rich always inspired us to reach higher and give more generously of our time and talents, ressources and to follow our dreams. His integrity, faith , friendship , was very real. A great man of faith who glorified the Lord in every facet of life. We will forever miss Rich, but will live our lives as better people because of him. My dear Mr. Thank you very much Rich! Thank you very much! Svetlana , Dnepr, Ukaine September 17, Llegue a sus familiares y a la gran familia AMWAY nuestro sentimiento de amor y lealtad en mi nombre propio y el de mi familia.

Gloria eterna por su gran obra a Rich Devos, estoy orgulloso de ser parte de la Gran Familia Amwey que el fundo. September 17, Continuaremos com seu legado. Gracias Rich.. Wir beide sind auch sehr traurig. Wir beide - vor allem die Adelheid - fanden das seinerzeit sehr bewegend wie freundlich und menschlich er war. Richard Marvin DeVos. Thank you for being our partner and mentor who tried so hard to help many people for having a better life.

You will always remain inside our heart. Regards, Satria and Family. Satria , Medan, Indonesia September 17, Thank you Rich Devos for your persistent hard work to create this humongous opportunity for people like us who categorize themselves to be an enterprenuer and touch many lives around the world to achieve better lives through happy, healthy and prosperous life..

Your work will always remain unforgetful on this planet to every generation to come. Thanks to you for making Amway, I live happily everyday. It is surrounded by wonderful family and wonderful products. I had been sick for a long time, but I was healed by a family I met through Amway. I appreciate it very much. Thank you. He will live in our heart forever. May his spirit rest in peace,Amen. Megumi Kobayashi , Sapporo , Japan September 17, Great personality missed by world, i and my coming generations follows their principles in our lives to make surroundings positive like Rich Rich y jan gracias por todo Dios los bendiga Zaida ospina y jose vivas , Aruba, Aruba September 17, Gracias Gracias Gracias por el gran ejemplo de vida y de amor.

Gracias por permitirnos tener la oportunidad de desarrollar un futuro mejor. Todo esto no hubiera sido posible sin usted. Tristeza No! No hay palabras para agradecerle su influencia e impacto a nuestras vidas y a las de miles!!!! Graciassssss Mentor por dajarnos tanto para seguir aplicando y aprendiendo de usted de su paso x ese mundo. Gracias Rich. Millones de gracias para Rich..!

Edgar , Altagracia, Zulia-Venezuela September 17, Nuestro mas sentido pesame a la familia DeVos por el sensible fallecimiento del Sr. Rich DeVos, el ha dejado un gran legado para ayudar a muchas familias en todo el mundo. Gracias Sr. Rich DeVos donde quiera que se encuentre.

Gracias familia Amway. Descanse en paz. Le doy gracias a Dios por la vida de Rich de Vos. Fue un instrumento usado para llevar amor,esperanza y fe a todas las naciones.