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Every soft heart and clear voice, to help understand A family that teaches and learns together. We hope and pray for every step, All together, for we are family. No Matter What No matter where you go or what you do, It is your family who will always stand by you. They will be your strong support in tough times, They will be the ones who will make you smile.

They will wipe away all your tears when you're sad, And they will calm you down even when you're mad. They are your family and will be forever, No matter where you go, you all will go together. Lovely family I have a mother, Who is an angel, I have a father, Who cares a lot for me, I have a small sister, Who loves me to the core, I am so lucky, I am so blessed to have such a family! Family teaches you Family teaches us the bonding, The real worth of relationships, I am blessed to have such a wonderful family, I am lucky to have them all they hold my hand, Whenever I am about to fall, I love them all!

My family so sweet My loving grandma is so sweet, Watching my grandpa is a treat, Mom shouts but also loves me, Dad is strict but it is to see, The love of family is unmatched, To my family I am too attached!

Loving Poems about Family

Great family I have a great family, Who support me all the time, Family is the sweetest, As the sound of chime, I have a great family, Who also cares for me, Beyond the love of family, There is nothing left to see! Many times we can look at family with feelings of warmth, love , happiness, and safety. Just as many times, however, family can bring up pain and frustration and flat out trauma.

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Families are as complicated as the individuals that make them up. We walk around with their DNA trying to define who we are.

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Who do we look like? Are we really just like our mothers?

Family Likeness

Or ear for music? Or taste for wine?

For too much wine? Is our optimism from our father?

The Rose Family - Poem by Robert Frost

Do I get my anger and insecurity from my mother? We can belong to a unit that exudes happiness and safety, but we all still have our monsters. Our family members get the backstage view of our lives. They see the best and worst in us. What better art form can we find that examines the complicated nature of family than poems about family?

38 Family Poems - Loving Poems About Family Relationships

Family- Those who know you deep inside, Who can see beyond bravado and pride, Who'll pick you up each time you fall, With love made from memories of when you were small, The people who know your worst and your best They're the loved ones with whom you're blessed. And me, I yell, "No way! He's so moody, She's so shrill, His chin juts out, Boy can she shout! His nose is big, And mine's quite small There's no resemblance at all. But then on days of harmony I find that I agree.

Our family is made of different parts- But we're all the same In our hearts. A thread of love joins us all; It's flimsy. At times it trembles; Almost breaks. A thread of love joins us all; It's slender And subtle.