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The simulation results showed that clay tile had a better environmental performance score of 0. Merging environmental and economic considerations to a common score as presented in this study will help improve and contribute to the quality of decision making in that it provides a substantial basis to select the most suitable, cost-effective roofing material. As a result of the emission trading scheme that has been implemented since , efforts are being made to reduce environmental load. Accordingly, this study analyzed the material-specific environmental load distribution and environmental impact category for 60 IPC girder bridges of national road constructions in Korea by utilizing the life cycle assessment LCA method.

As for environmental impact category-specific result, it was found to be in the order of global warming Naji Abdullah. This paper deals with the flexible job shop scheduling problem with the preventive maintenance constraints where the objectives are to minimize the overall completion time makespan , the total workload of machines and the workload of the This paper deals with the flexible job shop scheduling problem with the preventive maintenance constraints where the objectives are to minimize the overall completion time makespan , the total workload of machines and the workload of the most loaded machine.

A fast heuristic algorithm based on a constructive procedure is developed to solve the problem in very short time. The algorithm is tested on the benchmark instances from the literature in order to evaluate its performance. Computational results show that, the proposed heuristic method is computationally efficient and promising for practical problems. Linear Scheduling.

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This document defines and describes the nature of linear scheduling in construction planning. Referenced from chapter 14 of Construction planning and scheduling, Jimmie Hinze. The mentioned figures can be found in the text book. It is certain that more autonomous robots and automated systems would be used in Space Construction SC compared to construction work on Earth. The performance of these robots should not be locally optimized but instead, collectively be The performance of these robots should not be locally optimized but instead, collectively be optimized as a whole, which calls for the highest level of precision and coordination among all active agents on the field.

The coordination between the robots and control of each robot can be done through agent-based modeling which is an effective method to coordinate multiple agents with complex behaviors without central control. This leads to a more efficient but complex workflow, that minimizes collision between robots, decreases the idle time, and provides the optimal methods of management.

Planning and Scheduling: The Roadmap for Theme Park Projects

In this paper, the needs for new construction management techniques for SC project is discussed. Also, a discussion over the need for implementation of agent-based modeling, as an efficient decentralized coordination technique is presented. This chapter is a useful brief guide not only for MS Project beginners, but also for any project manager who needs the basic steps on how to plan a project by using MS Project Despite that there is a " one-to-many " mapping between scheduling algorithms and scheduler implementations, only a few studies have discussed the challenges and consequences of translating between these two system models.

There has been There has been an argument that a wide gap exists between scheduling theory and scheduling implementation in practical systems, where such a gap must be bridged to obtain an effective validation of embedded systems. In this paper, we introduce a technique called " Scheduler Test Case " STC aimed at bridging the gap between scheduling algorithms and scheduler implementations in single-processor embedded systems implemented using Time-Triggered Cooperative TTC architectures. We will demonstrate how the STC technique can provide a simple and systematic way for documenting, verifying testing and comparing various TTC scheduler implementations on particular hardware.

However, STC is a generic technique that provides a black-box tool for assessing and predicting the behaviour of representative implementation sets of any real-time scheduling algorithm. WiMAX offers advantages particularly in terms of Quality of service it offers over a longer range at In our paper, we propose two credit based scheduling schemes one in which completed flows distributes the left over credits equally to all higher priority flows FDCBSS and another in which completed flows give away all the excess credits to the highest priority uncompleted flow SDCBSS.

Both the schemes are compatible with We compare the two proposed schemes for their latency, bandwidth utilization and throughput for real time burst flows with the basic Deficit Round Robin scheduling scheme. Planning of construction activities is an important factor for development of construction industry. There are various tools available for There are various tools available for planning of regular projects but complicated projects requires more accuracy in planning in order to save both time and money. Contractors and suppliers try to finish the project within schedule time of completion without any cost overruns.

For that, they adopt various planning methodology. Still there is a vast difference between planning and actual site execution. In this paper applicability of 4D CAD tool for planning, visualization, monitoring of various important construction activities like RCC elements of frame structure and benefits of 4D CAD modeling are studied. The resulting 4D production model of a project allows project stakeholders to view the planned construction of a facility over time on the screen and to review a 3D CAD model for any day, week, or month of the project.

Use of 4D Model contributed in time saving and ultimately cost of construction by reducing the delay. Percent Planned Complete PPC , which measures the reliability of weekly work planning, is the most commonly used metric. However, studies have shown the need to complement PPC with other metrics to measure performance. Researchers have developed many metrics to assess the make-ready process, workflow reliability, and weekly work planning. Many of those metrics were either inconsistently used, showed no correlation with the overall project performance, or required data that was too difficult and time-consuming to collect.

This paper offers an overview of the various metrics proposed in the literature. It also proposes new metrics and details their calculation method to measure aspects not yet supported by a measurement metric. This paper is useful for last planners who can employ the newly suggested metrics to assess weekly work planning performance taking into account activity characteristics. Ghali El Samad. Messages routing over a network is one of the most fundamental concept in communication which requires simultaneous transmission of messages from a source to a destination.

In terms of Real-Time Routing, it refers to the addition of a In terms of Real-Time Routing, it refers to the addition of a timing constraint in which messages should be received within a specified time delay. Our goal is to investigate an innovative and efficient way to present these concepts in the context of CS Education.

In this paper, we will explore the fundamental modelling of routing real-time messages on networks. We study whether it is possible to have an optimal on-line algorithm for the Arbitrary Directed Graph network topology. In addition, we will examine the message routing's algorithmic complexity by breaking down the complex mathematical proofs into concrete, visual examples. Next, we explore the Unidirectional Ring topology in finding the transmission's " makespan ". We will analyse the data collected and present the results in a case study to evaluate the effectiveness of the KLA approach compared to the traditional teaching method.

Integrating Building Information Modelling BIM to on-site meetings in the construction phase has been a challenge to general contractors mainly due to the inflexibility of the current practice in grouping and organizing models to Integrating Building Information Modelling BIM to on-site meetings in the construction phase has been a challenge to general contractors mainly due to the inflexibility of the current practice in grouping and organizing models to facilitate rapid, on-the-spot model queries.

We have developed an automation tool that supports the automatic grouping of models according to a certain model breakdown structure MBS , which reflects a breakdown structure of a project. This enables a model navigator to identify the relevant model contents on the fly in a meeting thus drastically reducing the coordination latency in resolving an issue. This paper introduces two case studies to explain a non-intrusive process of introducing federated models produced by the automation tool to the meetings. The results of surveys to the meeting participants prove that the non-intrusive process as well as the models reflecting multiple MBS's changed the meeting participants' behavior and enhanced their coordination, communication, and collaboration, thus improving the overall outcomes of the meetings.

Breaking down project information via different breakdown structures has been a successful way of managing and controlling construction projects with levels of efficiency and effectiveness otherwise unimaginable to achieve over the past Breaking down project information via different breakdown structures has been a successful way of managing and controlling construction projects with levels of efficiency and effectiveness otherwise unimaginable to achieve over the past decades.

However, the current practice of grouping and organizing building information models from multiple project participants does not reflect such breakdown structures well. This gap renders it a challenge to introducing Building Information Modelling BIM to on-site meetings in the construction phase, such as daily subcontractor huddle and pull planning meetings, in which on-the-spot-requests to query federated models are prevalent.

This paper introduces the underlying concepts of a method that allows automatic grouping of models so that the model breakdown structure MBS matches a certain breakdown structure within a project. The Digital Project Manager is reader-supported. When you click through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more. We examine these tools in this review:. It does not dictate how you work so you can mix scrum, Kanban and traditional Gantt scheduling.

The Artificial Intelligence AI built into Forecast enables you to easily spot projects that are at risk of delay or veering off track. Effortless resource planning enables you to track utilization and capacity. Armed with one of the most flexible, fast and responsive interactive Gantt charts, Celoxis can effortlessly handle large project plans involving multiple levels of sub-tasks, inter-project dependencies and even multiple resources per task.

Its automatic scheduling feature accommodates almost every real-world scenario to provide a robust and reliable project schedule. With features like automatic email alerts, RAG health indicators, and critical path analysis, Celoxis makes project tracking a breeze. Celoxis provides visibility into what every member is doing and gives you the ability to track resource loads in real-time.

With built-in team and client collaboration features, one can effortlessly share files, discuss and exchange comments not just with other team members but also with your clients. Several best-practice and custom reports including drill-down charts lets you gather degree real-time insights around your projects and resources. It is also fully integrated with Zapier, which allows you to use sync with thousands of apps.

It also has an easy-to-use web-based API to connect with other services and legacy business apps. Celoxis is one of the few tools that offer SaaS and On-Premise deployment options. With AI-based analytics, thousands of integrations, flexible project views, and more, Hive streamlines your work in one centralized platform.

Used by teams of varying sizes, from 10 people to 1,, Hive is a great option for a diverse range of companies and work styles. Visit Website ProjectManager. This is a great solution, especially for managing multiple projects at once. This tool delivers a ton of useful project planning and scheduling features: using this tool, you can create project plans Gantt charts , manage tasks, create reports, and manage timesheets, expenses, and workloads.

As you plan your projects, ProjectManager. You can use in the in-app communication features to comment on tasks and assign to team members. Their real-time reports are easy to use—get pre-set reports project status, timesheets, expenses in a single click, or set up your own custom reports. You can also use the real-time dashboard to get a glimpse of your current project stats. And you can use all of these features to schedule and report across multiple projects, as well. For other integrations, you can use Zapier to connect with additional tools. Pricing for ProjectManager.

They offer a day free trial a credit card is required to sign up for a free trial. Asana is visually beautiful, making it a breeze to maneuver and quickly understand. It has a great dashboard that allows you to set custom fields to track the things that matter most to you. Asana integrations include over apps. It has a more comprehensive app directory than most, making it a good choice for teams already using a handful of tools.

For any integrations not in the app directory, you can use Zapier to connect with additional tools. On top of this, it offers a system of dashboards, live time and expense tracking features, a great document management system. And all of these best-in-class features are delivered through straightforward and minimalistic design. For project scheduling specifically, Mavenlink offers a complete set of useful features. As you make detailed project plans, the tool support a multi-level work breakdown structure that lets you define the project by a series of granular tasks and subtasks.

Other scheduling features include: Gantt chart-based project plan capabilities, schedule management, multi-level WBS, workflow planning, task assignment and scheduling, and critical path and variance analysis. Mavenlink is really much more than a project scheduling software, offering some resource management features real-time utilization, resource forecasting, capacity management , analytics built-in reports, custom reporting, trend analysis and accounting tools project costing, budget management, invoicing. It also has some good contextual collaboration features to communicate around tasks, projects, and many other project objects.

Mavenlink takes a unique approach to integrations. In GanttPRO, managers can easily create tasks, subtasks, and groups of tasks and assign them to team members and virtual resources keeping everyone focused on work in progress and planned tasks. With the software, managers can track the progress of each task and the whole project what eliminates risks of missed dates and deadlines. The built-in Auto-scheduling feature handles any changes in dates and dependencies so managers can be sure their projects develop properly.

In addition, GanttPRO allows working with resources.

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You can invite real team members or virtual resources, set cost for them, manage resource workload, estimate cost of a project, and collaborate with a team with the help of comments, attachments, and real-time notifications. With the Public URL feature, you can share your project with stakeholders, clients, and any other third parties.


The software has a day free trial with all the functionality open. Microsoft scheduling software is used by many multi-million dollar companies. MS Project Online allows you to work remotely from anywhere by collaborating with your team members and stakeholders.

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It is useful for managing projects, planning budgets, allocating resources with Gantt charts, and creating diagrams to visualize project data. MS Project Online integrates with other Microsoft Office products—but keep in mind that it only works only on Windows platforms.

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Wrike is an all-in-one PM software which has everything covered from planning, reporting, collaborating, third-party integrations and workflow automation. Wrike has a unique feature which enables new team members to get access to complete context along with previous discussions on important issues, including relevant files. So the new members have all the information they need. Project schedules are live and dynamic in Wrike, with every member having access to real-time updates and changes, so there are no clashes between projects.

Project Planning and Scheduling

It is a very powerful tool which can help you streamline operations, build repeatable processes and at the same time have clear visibility about the status of key milestones and projects. It is designed to help teams of all sizes, whether you are a small start-up or a huge enterprise. A major perk of this tool is that they make it easy to import your current spreadsheets into their Kanban-style boards with no trouble. In terms of ease of onboarding, this tool is one of the best.