Blood Mountain

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The Blood Mountain Wilderness is 7, acres of peaceful pulchritude, but there have been exceptions. A turning point in the war against evil was waged here in January A major battle was lost, but we're winning the war. Do you remember Meredith Hope Emerson?

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She was a lover of the woods and a lover of life. Evil captured her and took her life. Her friends, strangers, members of law enforcement, and hundreds of people from the entire region searched for her Meredith, however, put an end to that serial murderer's reign of terror. Her life continues to inspire others. I would suggest doing this trail clockwise so that when you descend Blood Mountain you have the best views before you instead of beating your self up and being winded.

Besides that watch for critters and enjoy the scenery. I enjoyed the massive rhododendron near the start. It was a great trail. Although the AT section was busy on that Saturday the Freeman trail loop on the way back was almost empty. Very peaceful and the views from the top were awesome.

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Will be back for sure, love this entire area. Hike up the AT to Blood Mountain is technical and testing but, none the less, a blast. We, my trusty trail Beagle and I, took a moment at the top to explore and contemplate.

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On the hike down we missed the poorly marked junction for the Freeman Trail. We turned this 6. We were able to locate the trail once we turned and set back toward Neels Gap. The Freeman trail is one tough trail! It's not that tough to follow bit if this is a well hiked trail, well be prepared. Would make the hike to Blood Mountain again and again but will stay away from looping it with the Freeman Trail. Not,definitely not, an easy go.

7 Reasons Blood Mountain is our Favorite Family Hike

Would not suggest your dog on this one. Did it in reverse starting out on the freeman trail to avoid all the people, nice gentle incline with some great views toward the top. A little muddy but not too terrible, get there early - probably best before 9am as the trailhead gets super busy! Tried to fit this in on a business so had very limited time.

Blood Mountain Trail

Perfect April day and absolutely fantastic trail. It was more difficult than I expected, first of all I missed my trekking poles a ton with the elevation change. Still managed to finish in 3 hours but I was hustling and am paying for it after Also managed to go the wrong way for way too long at a trail intersection.

Completely my fault trying to rush to much and not looking. Hike this loop this morning. Not another hiker on the freeman trail, very treacherous. Saw a lot of people after getting on the AT. Blood mountain is beautiful on a sunny day. One of my favorite places to see. If you like this trail, try whiteside mountain NC. Another one of my favorites. Pack a lunch and enjoy the view at the top.

Hiking To Blood Mountain’s Summit

My dad and I spent the night at the top of blood mountain this past October, super great hike. Very rocky, and it had rained so we had to be very cautious. July 4th Sale! Show More Show Less. Distance: 6. Getting There.

Blood Mountain - Hiking

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