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Closes 31 Jul 19 Add to Cart. All Items Ask a Question. Item Location South Africa. Product Code: One simply fought to de-fend those you loved and the way of life you knew. The second thing that impressed me was the wonderful comradeship that existed between the men on the front line. They shared their joys and sorrows, their pleasures and pains and, in spite of their coarseness and crudity, they showed great sensitivity towards each other.

But I noticed that this comradeship only seemed to exist amongst the ordinary ranks in the front line, not among the officers. It was only where men endured the greatest suffering that such deep friendship seemed to grow. But I am a soldier of Christ, I thought. What does He want me to do? Should I join the Mafeking Battery or not? So I reached out for the Bible which lay beside my bed and let it fall open where it would, and then I stabbed at the open page with my finger and read the words. It was something about Abraham begetting Isaac and Isaac begetting Jacob, etc.

I will deliver him into thy hands. Somehow I had not expected such a direct instruction and, certainly, I had not thought I would be expected to take a leading role in the war. However, there was no mistake about what I was to do im-mediately and, presumably, God would show me what to do in due course, when He delivered the enemy into my hands. So, smiling to myself, I blew out the candle and was soon fast asleep.. The next day was July the 8th, , the day on which my brother, David, turned eleven, and the day on which I presented myself to Sergeant Matthews and signed on.

My father had to sign the indemnity form because I was below the age of eighteen and after I had presented this, in the presence of the awesome Major Fortune, I swore the oath of allegiance to King and country and, from that moment onwards, for better or worse, I was a member of the 26th Field Battery of the 6th Field Regiment of the South African Artillery and so began the career of Number The first piece of army equipment to arrive was a stout pair of army boots. Proudly I brought this home to show everybody and placed them beside the army swagger-cane that Joyce had given me.

It was impres-sive — but not sufficient to fight a battle — so we waited. Then a few shirts and shorts arrived but they were all odd sizes and not enough for everyone. So we began to mutter amongst ourselves that this was ab-surd.

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How could we go and fight the enemy if we were not properly dressed? A purple-faced Major Fortune climbed on the train and headed for Pretoria, while we all waited hopefully and a week later he returned with the news that the uniforms were on the way. We were to leave for Potchefstroom on August the 26th. On the 20th we were called to parade outside the recruiting office to col-lect our new uniforms.

Excitedly we lined up and watched the first man enter the office. Imagine our surprise when he emerged carrying a pair of chocolate-coloured overalls and a forage cap. You had to listen to Koos because he had been in the last war, and he should know. I tell you what, young Garney Muller. While they were going through their painful farewells, I slipped on to the platform and bought my first packet of cigarettes - a packet of thirty "C to C".

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This was not a sudden impulse but a carefully thought out campaign. I had realised, during my first parade, that, because I had spent the last six years away at boarding school, I knew very few of the men in the battery. Moreover, as the son of a parson, I had been brought up not to drink or smoke or swear and, as far as the majority of the men were concerned, I was barely human.

In fact, the only men I knew were members of the Methodist Church. They were Vernon Mat-thews and Neil Dick, both of whom were old enough to be my father and, worst of all, as Vernon had already told everyone, I was "the baby of the Battery". So, having thought of all this, I had decided that, if I was to be accepted as "one of the men", I had somehow to overcome this apparent "mealy-mouthed" image and develop a few obvious minor vices.

Veteran's War Story: Mike Sadler

I would com-promise between being angelic and diabolic by smoking, but not drink- 32 ing. I would start with cigarettes and later take up a pipe. Actually, all the heroes in my favourite books and films seemed to smoke pipes. The most onerous piece of equipment was, of course, your rifle.

The Medic Who fought a War without a Weapon

I cleaned it, and loved it and cherished it, and all it ever did for me was get me into trou-ble with inspecting sergeants. When, eventually, I was able to test it out at the rifle range, it consistently fired squonk and bruised my shoulder so, as far as I was concerned, it was no friend of mine - especially dur-ing our first practices in rifle drill. In those days, when standing at attention, the rifle was held with the butt on the ground beside the right foot.

As we tried to bring our rifles into the vertical position, they caught the underside of the brim and knocked the whole helmet up into the air. Several helmets fell to the ground and, when the men bent down to re-cover them, they inadvertently banged their neighbours with their rifles. Chaos reigned. The Sergeant Major was speechless with rage Attachments: info.

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I grunted in reply to that, for I was far too concerned about Eileen and the baby, but his words came back to me in the years that lay ahead. Real events as told by a Police Even though the Anglo-Boer War of ended more than years ago, no extensive study on the sites of remembrance of this war that covers the country as a whole and is based on methodological research has thus far been published.

This book is aimed at filling that void.

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  • This is a study of commemorative sites with a difference After bitter debate, South Africa, a dominion of the British Empire at the time, declared war on Germany five days after the invasion of Poland in September He demobbed as major, qualified in London as These memoirs are a year window into the life of someone who patrolled with Marine Recon in the jungles of Vietnam, jumped into action with the Rhodesian Light Infantry's Fire Force, infiltrated guerrilla groups on counterinsurgency operations with the Selous Scouts and later waded through the war in Beirut.

    It's not just a war story - though there are stories In this explosive book, investigative journalist Pieter-Louis Until now little has been known about the Rhodesian contribution to the history of the SAS. SAS Rhodesia provides a comprehensive account of the origins and history of this famous Special Forces unit, as told This is the story of one of the world's most effective Special Forces units told by the men who served in it. Breaking with conventional military thinking, the South African Police created Koevoet by refining the concept of the counter-insurgency group pioneered in Rhodesia during the Bush War in order to provide up-to-date intelligence about an elusive enemy.

    Now at The terrorist was caught between our two Casspirs. A long burst erupted and the insurgent was blown to hell and Ranged against two powerful communist terrorist armies, the small, under-equipped army of Rhodesia defied all military convention by not only resisting the onslaught, but taking the fight to the very heart of the ZIPRA and ZANLA terrorist machines.

    The efforts of the Rhodesian army and air force shocked the world; how could such a small force of men repel the