Ian McEwans Sicht von Wirklichkeit und Fiktion am Beispiel Atonement (German Edition)

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I am including this the little story of his death to explain how my sister and I came to have such a large quantity of cement at our disposal. This statement is made by Jack, the protagonist and first person narrator of the novel. This not only discovers the egozentric attitude, which shows first signs of an isolating, self-centered and anarchic position of the I-narrator, which will be regarded more deeply later again, but it also shows the relation he has to the father, whose death is only mentioned in order to explain the existence of the huge quantity of cement.

He rules the whole family by his quick-tempered and totalitarian Art and does not allow any contradiction.

Subjective Perspectives in Ian McEwan's Narrations

He controls the family by determing who can make fun of whom. Humour is used by the father as an instrument of power, the laughter assures him of his tyrannical dominance. Slay 10 interpretes:. This shows that he does not own a somewhat natural power, which would make it possible for him to overlook the mutinous jokes of the children, but that his power is more of a weak, artificial nature. The mother is outlined as a soft and tolerant housewife. She forms the perfect match to the authoritative father, as felt appropriate in the occidental culture.

Her behaviour is full of awe, suggestibility and forebearingness. The role allocation is traditionally, he takes care of the technical things and. After the father's death she tries to adapt his role as well as to imitate his strictness but fails at that when she tries to get Jack to stop masturbating , since he can tell she is just pretending to be as rigourous as father. With his refusal of taking more weight of cement of what he considered to be appropriate in comparison to his bodyweight, he takes the risk of giving his father a heart attack. When he later goes to the bathroom in order to masturbate to avoid working, his father dies due to heart failure.

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Eventhough he is very well aware of the fact that he has to carry a not insignificant guilt of his fathers death, he doesn't agonize pity his death, but states instead:. He acts likewise when his mother dies. Huck, John A. Goldsmith - - pages Ideology in 19th- and 20th-century historical-comparative Indo-European Linguistics, notably in Germany by Pierre Swiggers, E. Staff, Jerome K. La prefissazione in italiano e nelle altre lingue del mondo by Fabio Montermini - Il linguaggio crea mondi.

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