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Can you say Ecotourism? Mississippi and Louisiana soon followed with birding trails of their own. On a 50F January evening in Houston, I sat under the spreading branches of two giant Live Oaks Quercus virginiana that were years old. I was talking with a few tree friends and we were all admiring the oaks.


Both trees had a DBH of over 50 inches. For fun, I stepped out the radius of the tree canopy, from its trunk to the end of its outermost branches: feet.

Central Texas Gardener-Oct. 6, 2012-Native Trees

Unsure of my first measurement, I back checked, this time for canopy diameter: feet. So where did we have to trek, to see these great trees? To liven up the story, part of me would like to tell you that we had hiked many miles in remote and undisturbed woodlands.

10 Thoughts on Texas’s Trees | DeepRoot Blog

The spreading branches in several places were supported by gigantic concrete cradles. At the end of the branches was a small restaurant that was built on posts and beams, also suspended above the root systems. Image: Tripadvisor. The owner had bought that block and put the trees first.

He had the restaurant built so that the roots were safe and the trees could live. What have we learned here? Large, even giant trees can live in the heart of the city if their roots are in un-trampled, real, air filled soil.

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The artists are Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot. The sculpture a beautiful blend of craft and art on a landscape scale. Because of the gray weather on the day I was there, the overwhelming silvery color of the sculpture was very muted. The entire cost was covered by a private donor. Worth Champion Trees. The Pecan is on a gated street, but I got to see it through a hole in the fence. It seemed to have been once part of an orchard. The Willow Oak was also very impressive. Take a look at its picture now, at 42 years old. Worth area is famous for. Courtney confirmed that Arlington has the only well-draining soils in the area.

Barring any unforeseen future football fans, these two new Live Oak trees have the soil conditions to grow out feet per year, and up feet per year for the next 50 years, and to live for hundreds more. On my first trip to Texas in , my wife and I stopped by to see a different famous tree that had been poisoned: the Austin Treaty Oak. This tree was huge, the largest I had ever seen, and the last surviving tree of the former 14 Council Oaks. At that point, it was surrounded by a protective fence and had not lost any of its evergreen leaves. Through extreme efforts of soil replacement and tree root treatments by many Texas Arborists, the Treaty Oak — while reduced in size — was saved.

It was a heroic effort. I still have my picture frame with the Treaty Oak branch slice on the wall of my office. It reminds me of lots of things, but most importantly ignore the destructive tree boneheads, keep planting trees, and adding lots more soil to those tree roots. Go Texas Trees! I have a soft place in my heart for you all. I live south west of Dallas, in Cedar Hill. We have similar pecan orchard dating back a hundred years.

Specifically, I live at the top of a bluff from this orchard. The trees leading up to my house are massive pecans and red oaks. If you came to North Texas without this on the agenda, I strongly suggest you add me to your host list! My concern is the drought the massive trees and the third element, a limsetone shelf we sit on. This is on an escarpment, my home has a red oak with a diameter of 80 cm. We observe about two massive losses every year, in a 3 mile area.

The most recent was a block away landing on a home, actually up against it as it had no time to build momentum, therefore it braced on the house, though other parts fell hard in the street. It was more than one tree in on spot. Although well-adapted to North Texas soils and climate in most years, the fragrant blooms appear in fall and winter and are susceptible to freezing temperatures during that time. This means in a protected area, you may get fruit only every two to three years. The magnolia-like leaves are beautiful every year, however, and the plum-like fruits with a hint of mango are a treat following mild winters.

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Don't miss a story. Like us on Facebook. Get Unlimited Digital Access Your first month is less than a dollar. Horticulturalist Daniel Cunningham discusses the weeping 'Ruby Falls' redbud. Desert willow In late spring, this multi-trunked native ornamental tree produces a profuse canopy of large pink and burgundy flowers that contrast slender, willow-like glossy green leaves.

Goldenball leadtree. Goldenball leadtree An underutilized native tree for urban landscapes, goldenball leadtree thrives in the harshest of full sun spots with well-draining, even rocky soils. Texas mountain laurel. Weeping yaupon holly This cultivar of our Texas tough evergreen tree is one of the most unusual ornamental specimens.

Mexican plum trees have showy white blossoms. Mexican plum This is my personal favorite tree to replace the dreaded 'Bradford Pear. The loquat is an exotic fruit tree that's well adapted to North Texas. Loquat This exotic fruit tree is more dependable as a compact evergreen ornamental. View Comments. Login to Comment or create an account Email. Login Forgot your password? Create an Account or login First Name.

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