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Left intact in their mystery those insular depths of the islands which are revealed to us in simple objects, in crystalline poetry, as if the little village were living under the water with legendary belfries next to anchors of mythological vessels. The great photographer immersed himself in the poetry of simplicity and came to the surface with the net full of clear fish and flowers of profundity.

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Because the earth is extremely unfaithful, it offers itself to the foreign eye and deceives our eye, our indifference, our ways. Rogovin had come, photographer of the poor Negro, of the black liturgy, of the humiliated children of the North, so that he may uncover for us of the South, and so that he can take with him the truth of the South, with those dark eyes which looked at us and we did not see, with the poor pathetic and poetic poverty of the fatherland which we love and do not know.

Paul Eluard, cuyos ojos color de nomeolvides me Parece que siguen celestes y que guardan su fuerza azul bajo La tierra. Nazim, aeda rumoroso, caballero valiente, companero. Por que se fueron tan pronto? Cada uno de ellos fue una victoria.

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Juntos fueron para mi toda la luz. Ahora, una pequena Antolpgia de mis dolores. Fredrico, who made me laugh like no on else could and who put us all in mourning for a century.

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Paul Eluard, whose forget-me-not color eyes are as sky blue as always and retain their blue strength under the earth. Nazim, noisy bard, brave gentleman, friend. Why did they leave so soon? Their names will not slip down from the rafters.

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Each one of them was a victory. Casas del Bosque Vineyard: Casas del Bosque is located 70 km from Santiago, capital of Chile, and 30 km from one of the principal ports of Chile, Valparaiso. It was conceived in to be a family boutique winery exclusively oriented to produce high quality of wines. Casas del Bosque has its own vineyards in the Casablanca Valley, a privilege place for premium wines production.

It guarantees that the entire grape production and all its treatment is carefully handled and controlled, which is a great strength.

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The ancient pine and poplar woods and the small dispersed and abandoned houses, probably homes of the former white tenants of the area, were the key point to determine the location of the wineries and the manor house, giving the name to Casas del Bosque. Tasting and lunch in its friendly restaurant TANINO, with a menu with appetizer, salads, pastas and some traditional dishes. After a successful career in the United States, William Cole decided to fulfill a life-long vision of creating fine wines by blending high technology and skilled craftsmanship.

The result of pursuing this dream is a beautiful winery and wineyard in the Casablanca Valley, Chile. Return to your hotel. Contrary to what one might think, done it properly, any age will be able to take it nice and light. Consider to begin at the city center, the flat part of Valparaiso.

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  • In The House in the Sand , the figureheads who rode the bows of whaling ships and clipper vessels represent human beings who ride a similar rough passage in life. In his biographies of figureheads, Neruda speaks of the dignity, mystery, and resilience of mascarones disfigured by the sea and defiled by man, noting the one quality they share with the sea—the one quality the speaker and all men fail to understand. The glory of the figureheads is that they do not recognize misfortune. He describes when he hid in Valparasio, Chile, for his protests against President Videla.

    She was large, and she had to be hidden.

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    • Like Medusa, he is too great a figure to remain in Chile; he must also go underground. They cracked her face. They broke her hands. They tore to pieces her shoulders so round and so caressed.