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Gospel Song: When I Looked Up And He Looked Down

She says that she is there at his window because she wants to know what kind of man can spend his time writing when the world is experiencing battles such as this. She believes he is willingly wearing blinders, ignorant to what is truly important.

He is deeply upset by this accusation but plays directly into her opinion of him, hiding himself from her gaze. The speaker of this piece, who one might assume is Thomas Hardy himself, is introduced through a first person account of his actions.

He is engaged in writing and takes a moment to look up from his desk. It is situated as if studying the writer, intent on what he is doing. She is shrouded in the cloudy sky, slightly obscured from view.

The Hornets skipper insists knife crime has to be tackled in the home.

The writer is hoping to give the moon a sense of self-control. One may view this section as what the speaker believes the moon would say, or understand it as the moon, through means unknown to the reader, is communing with the writer.

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She is searching, she states, for a body. Also in Sport.

When I Looked Up. By The Singing Cookes.

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