How To Get Rid Of Ear Mites In A Cat

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Other household pets can become infested, too, including gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, ferrets, etc. And females can easily pass ear mites to their offspring. Symptoms: Depending on the severity of the infection, frequent scratching and head shaking are two common signs that your cat may be infected. Some cats are more bothered by ear mites than others. Mites also stimulate the wax producing glands inside the ear canal. The result is a black, crusty build-up in the ears that resembles coffee grounds.

This discharge is made of blood, wax, debris, and mites themselves. In some cases, this crust can thicken enough to block the ear canal. If you think your cat is infected, then your vet can easily diagnose the problem using a magnifying otoscope. Your vet will be able to see them moving about in the ear or on a slide. A professional diagnosis is also a good idea, since ear mites are not the only cause of feline ear infections.

Treatment: Otodectes cynotic is the common cat ear mite. I have been using Coconut Oil for all of my cats ear mites. I do not take them to ANY vet for that. No need. I do it myself and the results work. Why put a chemical in their ear? Why pay a vet when you can do it yourself? I also use another jar of Coconut Oil on my own body, face, and hair. Another thing I do with Coconut Oil is put a little bit on their paws.

Treating Cats and Kittens with Ear Mites | Hill's Pet

They lick it off and it is really beneficial for their mouth, bad breath, and dental problems. Coconut Oil is a staple in my home as well as Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes, I put a tiny bit in their water, too. It takes care of fleas! We feed our cats small amounts of coconut oil, too, and I also use it for personal care on my skin and for oil pulling. Why make things more complicated and expensive than they need to be?

Wanted to ask if this remedy is safe for little ones. Yes, it should be fine, as the coconut oil is non-toxic. Just make sure not to use too much, only as much as you need to clean, as larger amounts may cause loose stools. Thank you for the additional recommendations. I will definitely be trying the paw trick and the ACV in their water! Also for dogs. Get on her newsletter. They are all inside cats. Any ideas? I like the sardines thing…. I had a female cat which over-groomed. I changed her diet to grain-free which eliminated the problem.

I had a male cat which over-groomed areas under both front armpit areas to the point of bleeding.

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I tried everything. This went on for over a year. We did an x-ray when he started to fail. The areas he was over-grooming showed bone tumors, as well as tumors in the abdomen. It helps to search for the cause. My cat also grooms to the point of bleeding and we have tried really good cat food and the I do believe he was left or taken away from mama to early. Idk what else to do for him. He also has litter issues where he wont use it all the time and wont use scented at all. No scented cat litter.

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Kitties have very sensitive noses. Make sure litter box is cleaned promptly. You may want to try different types of litter to see if he prefers one over another. Avoid clay litter because the dust is hard on your cat. Both breathing it and licking it are a problem.

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Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh. They are poison. You may want to consider Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets. Is the excessive grooming worse at some times more than others? Does kitty get enough play time and cuddle time? Is kitty bored? I applied coconut oil in a syringe to my cats ears last night, massaged in let him shake and then cleaned out debris with some cotton wool balls. He seems fine in himself just still trying to scratch inside of his ears bless him. I also have organic apple cider vinegar in the house I could try would love to hear from you. Thank you chris. There will be residual irritation for a couple of days, but it should get better over time, not worse.

Recovery time varies from cat to cat, depending on the severity of the infestation and their personal tolerance to the mites. Hi Laurie, does apple cider vinegar really get rid of fleas? Last year they infested our bed, couch, carpet, etc. Any advice would be wonderful.

What it does do is make your pet less appealing to fleas. In combination with thoroughly cleaning her areas as well as you can, this should help reduce the risk of flea infestation and get rid of them if they do show up, but it will take time. For a natural flea spray, you can mix equal parts of ACV and water on a spray bottle. To add it to her water, try just a small amount, and always offer some water without ACV.

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Thank you so much for sharing the ear mite video. That was very helpful. Big ears without protective fur covering. Thank you again. Keep up the great work. Do you know what they call the student of medicine at the bottom of the class? They have no problem with what I use. Thank you for posting this remedy for kitty ear mites. I too use virgin coconut oil for so many things. Braggart brand. U can see the mother in , well yesterday I saw a smaller sized bottle with Braggs Label , I was thrilled. But as u looked in bottle the mother if that was what it even was.

Very little of it, but the mother did not look right either. I can go back to that store a grocery local store to send you. But it did have Bragg label on it. Have you ever knew of Braggs putting out flavord? Plus the mother looked like coffee griounds- do u know of this being put out by Braggs? Rose Hardin.

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Apple cider vinegar has a long list of uses for many ailments. I have it in many of the home remedies posts. The ingredients are: Pure distilled water, organic concord grape juice, Bragg organic apple cider vinegar, organic acai juice and organic stevia extract. That would seem to be the most likely option. Never read or heard anything bad. Braggs does make a drink that we have at my store that you can drink straight without dilution.

Possibly that might be what you were looking at. I think they gota few different flavors. As far as the regular Braggs you never want to drink it straight without dilution in water it can damage your intestines as well as your teeth and esophagus! I hope this helps. My vet believed in using Mazola corn oil for ear mites, and when possible having the pet owner clean them out to save a trip to the vet and not using chemical products. I learned a lot working with her. Nice that your vet wants to help you to take care of your pets yourself instead of racking up vet bills.

I love Common Sense Homesteading. Thank you Laurie for bringing all this wonderful information to us. I have learned so much from you. NO — it is not recommended that you use essential oils on cats because they have difficulty metabolizing them and it may cause liver damage. I need to know which coconut oil to use. I found a all organic in the hair products or the one you cook with. The one for hair says pure coconut oil.

But for external use only. Please let know. I see no reference on the bottle it is virgin coconut oil as the ingredients say: coconut oil only. Will this work for ear mites in cats or is another type recommended instead? Any sort of coconut oil is fine. Our cats like to eat the refined coconut oil the flavorless type. I use it for skin care and they kept trying to jump on the bathroom counter and eat it, so I let them have a dab each day. Hi Laurie, thanks for this info on ear mites.

But how much should I give her daily? Thanks for your help. Bone and chop the meat, finely chop and freeze in quarter cup size portions.

Ear Mites in Cats

Most cats will self-regulate their eating. If you have a cat who overeats, then you can reduce their portions. Hi Laurie, thank you so much for this! Is it true? I think your kitty might hate you if you cleaned his ears every day. Roger improved dramatically after just one treatment, but we did also give him herbal dewormer and improved his diet.

The mites are always around in the environment, so reinfestation is likely. We watch for visible build up in the ears, any signs of irritation or excess ear scratching from kitty, or unusual head shaking. Looked in his ears and his right ear was a slimy gooey waxey mess and irritated :, I immediately cleaned it out with a gentle ear solution until the cotton balls came out clean. Landed on your site, and squirted some warm coconut oil in and massaged it.

Questions I have is -if reinfestation is possible do I need to wash his bedding and wipe down the wall and edge of our bed frame where he sleeps? Vacuuming the area will be done in the morning cause that happens times a week for the pet hair. Reinfestation is likely at some point.

Where there are pets, there are things that like to nibble on pets. My cat Taco is an outside cat and I think he has ear mites. What is that and is it sad to treat with coconut oil? Ear mites are so easy to cure but so painful to our furr babies. God bless you and your care of His creatures. Your willingness to share your sound knowledge with other animal lovers is pure love.

If we all do this, we complete His love. I have five cats one i just took in a little over a month ago and he had ear mites we took him to the vet they gave him revolution which didnot work at all and the rest of my cats now also have ear mites. I decided to try the coconut oil. They are still scratching but not as much. Also I am confused on how many times a day to treat with it as there are so many different methods being told. The one vet i watched on utube recommend 2 times a day for 7 days then stop for 7 days then repeat again for 7 days because of the mites 21 day life cycle.

I am just soo confused and I just want my cats to feel better, I hate seeing them like this!! The goal with the coconut oil is to coat and smother the mites and eggs. Coconut oil is also naturally antibacterial and antifungal, and soothes and moisturizes the skin. The internet, being the internet, is guaranteed to suggest dozens of ways to accomplish a goal.

If your cats are all inside cats, and the odds are low that they will be reinfected, then it may be worth your effort to treat more heavily in hopes of completely eliminating them from the household. I know our cats would be upset with that much time spent messing with their ears, plus the oil coats the ears. Maybe twice a week for a month, at maximum?

This would get you well past the 21 day window. Once a week for a month would be easier to manage, and should give pretty good coverage. Make sure to wash all their bedding and other soft surfaces that they are in contact with, if possible. The mites can survive on soft surfaces for a time. In our case, I monitor for signs of irritation and keep an eye on their ears.